How to Properly Pack Your Freight

If you want to avoid any surprise upon arrival, it’s extremely crucial to prepare your freight for shipping. Almost every single individual out there has experienced the disappointment of opening a package, only to discover the item was damaged because of wrong packing.  

Before you hire a truck loading and unloading Moncton service for your freight, here are several things that you have to follow to make sure your items will arrive at the destination safely.  

Palletize Freight for Business Shipping 

You should think about shrink-wrapping and palletizing if you want to give multiple or bigger items additional security during shipment. This will help protect them from the elements. A professional company can help you prepare your shipment professionally by crating pallets, banding, and shrink wrapping as required. In addition to that, most of them offer crating solutions and custom packaging if your product shipments need enclosed sides.  

Disassemble Furniture Before Shipping 

Your furniture might be damaged permanently if you try to move it without disassembling it first. You should get rid of the legs from tables and crate every piece together for safekeeping. In addition to that, you can also get rid of cushions from sofas and separately crate them. This will prevent damage during shipment. 

If Possible, Utilize Original Packing Materials for Electronics 

Almost every TV, DVD player, and other electronics arrive in packaging specifically created for the product. Of course, its own packaging offers the best protection for the electronics. You can utilize it to protect your electronics for shipment if it’s still available.  

Pass the Shake Test 

You should give the box a good shake after you have packed it. The shipment isn’t secure if you hear something when you shake it. Try to open the box and add more packing material.  

Don’t Skimp on the Packing Materials 

You shouldn’t overfill boxes. In addition to that, you’ve got to ensure you utilize a lot of expandable foam, bubble wrap, or packing peanuts to cushion items. You can purchase these items at your nearest home improvement store. In addition to that, you can also ask the freight company to give you recommendations on how to properly secure your freight.  

Utilize Extra Thick Boxes or Double Wall for Fragile Items 

If you utilize thick and sturdy boxes, you will provide your items as much protection as possible. These forms of boxes will not break open during transit. Thick boxes offer an additional layer of protection compared to traditional shipping boxes. 

Separate Unbreakables from Breakables  

Place antiques, dishes, glasses, and other fragile items in a separate container. You have to make sure that you protect them by individually wrapping them using bubble wrap and packing them in a way that restricts their movement inside the box. You can also secure your boxes using heavy-duty shipping tape or packing tape. You can typically buy these tapes at your nearest home improvement store.  

If you really want to protect your items, you should let the professionals do the packing. They’ve got all the tools and skills to properly pack your freight.  

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